awftp (1.3.4)

A FTP-style client for HCP Anywhere File Sync & Share

HCP Anywhere is a File Sync & Share solution developed by Hitachi Vantara. It offers a wide range of FS&S clients for Desktop computers, Mobile devices as well as Browsers. A lacking piece so far is a CLI client that allows to access HCP Anywhere on devices where no GUI is available (Linux servers, for example).

awftp tries to fill this gap by providing a look and feel as close as possible to well-known CLI-based ftp clients. The features available are a subset of what is offered by ftp clients, due to the functionality the HCP Anywhere FS&S service offers through its API; some other functions in ftp clients simply doesn’t make sense for use with HCP Anywhere. On the other hand, there are some features (snap, for example) not found with ftp…


  • Works with any FS&S API version >= 2.1.1 while using the highest version known
  • Navigate the folders stored in HCP Anywhere, including Mobilized NAS, Shared Folders, Team Folders, Backup Folders
  • List folders content, including deleted files/folders
  • Store, update and retrieve files
  • Move files and folders
  • Undelete files/folders
  • Create/delete folders (even recursive)
  • Link handling:
    • Create links to share content with others - internal/public, read-only, read-write, write-only
    • List links
    • Delete links
    • Work with folders shared with us:
      • List all collaboration folders
      • List invitations
      • Accept invitations
      • Reject invitations
  • Work with snapshots
    • List available snapshots
    • Provide view into snapshots
    • Restore files from snapshots
  • Dynamically enables/disables features depending on the HCP Anywhere version connected to